We gettin' Presidential with Guest, Stu Finer!

Season 2, Episode 1,   Jan 25, 2022, 05:55 PM

Show notes: Season 2, Episode 1

On the first episode since Todd moved to full time True crime with Resonate Records, Shaun went bonkers on this episode. 

I learned how to edit and I even did some audio Sketches on this one. 
I hope you enjoy the direction i’m going!! 

  • Chef Heads to a great taco spot in a really bad neighborhood.

  • We talk soups, pot pies, and cocktails. 

  • New segment alert! We are explaining our fake, made up daily routines! 

  • Shaun sits down at the same table with 2 former presidents, Trump and Obama. 
       ( Impressions done by the talented, @MrBigSpit.)


  • To close this episode, Shaun Welcomes the legend, Stu “The Source” Finer. Stu invites Shaun to his house to smoke some weed n talk about life! 

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Recipes discussed:

Mexican chicken noodle. 

Zupa Toscana
I couldn’t find my video of the Zupa Toscana recipe. But here is another place you can see the recipe!

A link to order Italian soda: