The Creature That Stalked The Cobbles - Part 2

Season 7, Episode 2,  Jan 27, 01:01 AM

The concluding part to the opening tale of series 7 of The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast drops here, where last time, we were left with a face and the name of the individual who had struck such terror across the north and north - west of the UK, in an apalling campaign of sex attacks, that he had earned himself the title of "Britain's Most Wanted"

An individual named Andrew Longmire.

Dangerous enough as he was, he added another element to this by arming himself with a shotgun, and a large quantity of ammunition. And he was more than prepared to use it, too. He had to be caught, because he had to be stopped.

Let's see if he was then.

The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, including that of a sexual nature, that some listeners may find disturbing, and or upsetting, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

Music used in this episode: "The Descent" by Kevin Macleod. All music used is sourced from and used under an Attribution Licence (

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  • Bloc Party - Ratchet
  • The Wildhearts - TV Tan
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Remembering the women, and their families.