Parents of children with PKU, MSUD and HCU share their experiences with a special low protein diet

Episode 5,  Jan 27, 07:32 PM

Being on a special diet can be difficult not only for the child but for the entire family. Families must learn to measure metabolic formula, realize the fact that their child’s diet will be completely different from their own and that of other siblings, family members and friends. Listen in and hear how four families are navigating the challenges of a low protein diet: From the emotional toll, to being short-order cooks, to embracing their “new normal” and finding ways to make life easier.

This episode was produced by Alletta Cooper, Ulrike Reichert, and Kate Miley for Nutricia North America. The music featured in this episode Look Inside by Sirus Music, Imaginary Place by L-Ray Music and Endless Story by Nick Petrov

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