Joe McQuillen, 1.30.22 - "We're Not Done Yet, Pop" - Afterlife insight from Christopher

Jan 27, 2022, 08:33 PM

"I have absolutely no fear of death. From my near-death research and my personal experiences, death is, in my judgment, simply a transition into another kind of reality." - Raymond Moody

We're Not Done Yet, Pop: My Lessons from the Other Side, Amazon. - Joe McQuillen 

In the continuing adventure with Chris, Joe has acquired a different approach to life. Adopting an entirely new set of tools, he has gone to great lengths to educate himself in their metaphysical application.

Longing to maintain contact with his son and inspired by the information provided from Mediums, Joe began to research various methods of increasing his intuitive abilities. The information he provides is helpful to anyone interested in expanding their own PSI awareness.

The goal had nothing to do with becoming psychic or a reader of any kind, rather he wanted to develop his own connection as a way of reassuring other parents the bond with a deceased child [or loved one] could remain solid. Death didn't have to be a barrier. Love is still there after a loved transits to a non-physical form.

For his own purpose in connecting with Christopher, Joe is comfortable with meditation and automatic writing. Sage, candles and quartz are some of the designated accessories to help him ground and focus. Setting is also important. Some places offer a better connection. 

In learning to bypass the Mediums to connect with Chris, he also seeks out "thin places" - describing a beach in Florida [Siesta Key] as one of those special locations - explaining that the unique properties of the quartz crystal sand provides a bridge.

He traveled. Sedona didn't click. The Spiritualist community in Lily Dale, NY. made a lasting impression.

Chris died in 2016. Even after all this time, new pieces of the puzzle still pop up from time to time. And that most likely will be covered in the next book. The journey continues.

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