Friday, January 28: This Week's Flubbles; Ashley Tries Wordle; How I Woke Up In The Hospital

Jan 28, 03:48 PM

The Flubble montage from this week features a butchering of the President's name, skiing cavemen, and Ashley's brain failing during her traffic reports. (0:00)

AJ already tried, so Ashley was up next this morning, giving this trending "Wordle" game a shot. (3:27)

Dumb Ass News - Audio of a woman going ham on a worker, who blocked in her car as she was trying to make a doctor's appointment. (15:03)

The Tribe was calling in for their shot at Sammy Hagar tickets, everyone's story ended with them waking up in the hospital. They all managed to find different ways to get there, though. Snowmobiles, sledding, drinking, and a fistfight. (23:59)

CT D.O.T. Commissioner Joe Giulietti was on to explain how the state is preparing for a big winter storm tomorrow. Chaz and AJ seemed to only make his job more difficult, but he answered all of their questions anyway. (47:38)

Boss Keith's Top 5 highlighted the things he thinks we're being charged way too much for. Who gets so upset over greeting cards? (58:56)

Image Credit: MJFelt / iStock / Getty Images Plus