Addiction to Freedom with Mark Holmes & Introducing Spirited Euphoria

Episode 166,   Jan 28, 2022, 03:54 PM

Janey interview Mark Holmes from the Addiction Help Agency and introduces Spirited Euphoria from Edi Spirits

We teamed up with Edi Spirits this week, Spirited Euphoria unlocks the unique flavour from real hemp. Mix  with soda and a zest of orange,Spirited Euphoria & tonic is also a great alcohol-free alternative to your G&T moment. Every drop of Edi is fully traceable from seed to sip, and Edi’s entire process is safe, legal, sustainable and fully accredited by the authorities. All of Edi’s liquids are tested to the highest level of global regulatory services. Maximum relaxation takes a lot of effort 
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My guest is Mark Holmes. CEO of the Addiction Help Agency and author of Holmes' Complete Guide to Stop Drinking Alcohol, the Easy, mindful and pain-free way.

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