Chris Miller, Tony Collins, Trai Essex, & Russell Baxter Join Us...

Episode 675,  Jan 28, 04:32 PM

What a fun showing getting to spend time with Chris Miller, Tony Collins, Trai Essex, & Russell Baxter.

Chris Miller shares his thoughts on the Rams/49ers game, rookie QBs starting right away versus sitting for a season or two learning from a veteran QB, and the differences in the game from the 80s & 90s to today.

Tony Collins leads us through our 5 Star Picks of the Week plus shares memories from the Patriots 1985 season including their 17-year drought of losing to the Dolphins in Miami which ended with the '85 AFC Championship game.

Former Northwestern and Steelers Offensive Lineman Trai Essex made his TNT debut. Trai shared the funny story of why he was transitioned from playing TE to Tackle at Northwestern following his affinity for the chicken sandwiches in their cafeteria. He also talks about playing alongside Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh and Ben's retirement announcement this week. We also got his memories of Super Bowl 43 and his lone game playing Center in 2011 which earned him a game ball from Mike Tomin.

NFL Stats Guru Russell Baxter shared the facts and numbers behind both Conference Championship games and the final 4 teams. We also talked about comparing QBs from different eras and what the Steelers need to do over the offseason.