Monday, January 31: How'd The State Do With The Storm?; Seymour Man Uses Flamethrower To Melt Ice And Burns House

Jan 31, 2022, 03:55 PM

DOT Commissioner Joe Giulietti was on to talk about the big snowstorm on Saturday, and review the state's performance clearing the roads. Plus, the calls they were getting from idiots who tried to go out on the roads during the storm, and why the white DOT trucks are actually saving the state big money. (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - All this week, Chaz and AJ will get some stories about local dumbasses, right from the folks who encounter them the most: the local police. Today, East Haven's Captain Murgo was on to share a story about a boat theft, that lead to a wild chase - on the highway. (16:11)

A flamethrower (sorry, "garden torch") was responsible for a house fire in Seymour. Tim Willis, Seymour's fire marshal was on to clear up some of the details that were misreported. (25:54)

Chaz and AJ had few sound bytes they hadn't yet had an opportunity to play. First, a pair of guys walking around during Boston's snow storm to talk about Tom Brady. Then, a broken thought from President Biden regarding a visit to Detroit. (32:57)

Don Boudroux says we've all got a better life than most billionaires! If we compare average life today, to the billionaires from a century ago. (38:06)

Image Credit: helivideo / iStock / Getty Images Plus