UK’s support to Gender equality and girls education in South Sudan

Episode 1842,  Feb 01, 09:58 AM

The push for girls’ education in south Sudan has been appearing on the development agender for many years now. This is because of the many cultural factors that do not see the need for girls to study. At a tender age, girls are taught to be good wives and home makers.
The good news though, is that the country has seen an improvement since independence with more girls going to school through girl education support programs across the country.
One of the supporters for girls education in south Sudan is the UK Embassy. 
To know what the UK is doing to support Gender equality and girls education in South Sudan, Sebit William sat with Alicia Herbert OBE, Director of Education, Gender and Equality and UK’s Special Envoy for Gender Equality and Helen Grant, Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Girls’ Education. #TakeAListen