The falls

Feb 03, 01:32 PM

Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire reimagined by Jonathan Williams.

"Water carries messages like a radio - they’re there, but only when you tune in. I went to Aysgarth Falls when I lived in the UK, and fancied one day I might walk the river to learn more of its story. I’ve recently moved back to Australia and that visit seems very distant, now. But perhaps by immersing myself, by falling into this field recording, I might discover messages, stories and daydreams in the almost overwhelming white noise of the water. 

"Experimenting digitally, I stretched sections of the recording and played with the EQ to find snippets of underlying music. I used this as a base for a few bars of piano, which I played back through an FM transmitter. I combined this with snatches of radio as I ran through the bands, thinking about hidden messages, distance and memory."