Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 165 Searching For Australia's Bigfoot with Yowie Dan

Feb 07, 08:00 AM

As any regular listeners know, one of my favourite crypitds out there is of course Australia's fearsome Yowie and who better to talk with than our old friend from the early episodes than Yowie Dan.

Since we last spoke, Dan has appeared on the fantastic documentary Track: Searching For Australia's Bigfoot directed by Attila Kaldy, which features a whole host of Australia 's finest cryptozoologists discussing the giant.

Dan talks us through the documentary, the locations they investigated, some of the strange things they discovered and the stunning Blue Mountains.

Yet it seems there wasn't just Yowie's that the team had to be aware of as Dan also tells us about some decidedly paranormal incidents that left them looking over their shoulders more than once.

You can contact Dan at or check his blog here: Track: Seaching For Australia's Bigfoot can be seen on Prime or Tubi in North America and YouTube rental in Euope. 

A massive thanks to Dan for joining me this week. 

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