Episode 8: Special Education advocacy

Feb 08, 2022, 02:23 PM

Any time parents are concerned with their child’s development or behavior or receive a special needs diagnosis, they are left with more questions than answers. Why isn’t my child speaking? Or reading? Why are they hitting other kids? How do we get the help and services our child needs to succeed? How do we navigate the conversations this diagnosis will spark with our family, friends, school district and others?

In this latest episode of Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s “Under the Cupola” podcast, Star 99.9‘s Kevin Begley and Robert Townes, the museum’s Director of Public Affairs, are joined by Eve Kessler and Janine Kelly, two local moms who found themselves in this exact scenario: When their children were diagnosed years ago, those answers were not always readily available and they felt alone in dealing with the important decisions that had to be made. Today, Eve, and Janine, along with their partner Carolina Corrigan, are leaders within SPED*NET, the Special Education Network of Wilton, a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to build an informative, welcoming community to help parents and caregivers learn “everything they wish they had known when they knew something was wrong with their children.” Please join us for a compelling conversation about raising children with special needs and how best to deal with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis.
 For more information about SPED*NET Wilton and its programs, please visit spednetwilton.org.