Tuesday, February 8: Best Places For Big Game Food In CT; Mask Mandates Going Away; Tips From A Dating Coach

Feb 08, 05:38 PM

Since the Super Bowl is approaching, and there have already been warnings about sold-out food orders on the day of the game, the Tribe called in their favorite food items from local places in Connecticut. (0:00)

Vin Candelora was on to talk about the Governor nixing mask mandates in schools, and also shared his extensive menu for the Super Bowl. Plus, a bonus story of going to the Emergency Room last year. (13:09)

Dumb Ass News - A boozed up bozo in Florida stuck his hand in a tiger enclosure, and was predictably, mauled immediately. The tiger had to be killed, and everyone is upset. (23:57)

Carol the Accountant helps out all the math noobs with their 2022 taxes. She (and her parrot) narrowed down the most important things to pay attention to when filing this year. (30:17)

Julian Gill wrote a book about the infamous "dark decade" of Aerosmith's drug use and wild touring from 1973-1985. He was on to share how all the rumors about their behavior were true. (42:05)

Dating coach Kimmy Seltzer was on to help single folks make their dating app profiles really stand out, then warned about avoiding some cliche pitfalls. (45:27)

Image Credit: KoriKobayashi / iStock / Getty Images Plus