Offender Profiling and the murders of Yvonne Killian and Rachel Nickell

Season 3, Episode 3,   Feb 23, 2022, 06:41 AM

Lynda and Cass are joined by Pippa Gregory – Behavioural Investigative Advisor – and one of only three criminal profilers working in the UK today. She discusses the infamous cases of Yvonne Killian and Rachel Nickell - two investigations where criminal profiling was testing and found wanting. The fallout from these two cases led to the practice of criminal profiling being questioned and mistrusted by the police and public for some years.

While Pippa Gregory was not directly involved in either case, the impact of them is still felt by Behavioural Investigative Advisors today. Pippa has been involved in supporting major crime investigations for over twenty-five years. In 1999, she was asked to take on the position of Principal Analyst for Surrey Police and in 2001 joined the Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS) as Principal Analyst. Pippa returned to a full-time BIA role in February 2009, providing specialist behavioural advice to major crime investigations and has supported over 300 major crime investigations in this capacity. She has been an NPCC Approved Behavioural Investigative Adviser since 1998.  She is also a visiting lecturer at a number of universities in the UK.

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