Know yourself! Are you all or nothing? Always stop and start with your fitness routine? This is for you!

Episode 11,   Feb 17, 2022, 04:55 PM

It is easy at first isn't it? To set yourself up to nail that training and diet 100% and in doing so you feel great! Maybe you achieve that dream physique in 12 weeks, maybe you lose that initial stone and feel great! But suddenly that motivation starts to dip, frustrated, you miss more and more training sessions, see the adherence to the diet go and before you know it - your focus is now put elsewhere and you stop altogether! Learn why this happens and how to succeed long term!

"I want to give back - so with this podcast I am bringing you some bite sized gems to help you maximise your physique progress and health!"

If you are familiar with the term "body transformation" chances are you have heard of adzfitness and his work under the ABfit brand which first started online coaching and body transformations back in 2011. Since that time Adam has gone on to help thousands achieve their dream physiques, be it the serious trainee who has sought the specialist details to maximise their progress, or those looking to progress their physique and/or health despite challenges of other values in life such as work and family.  This has meant a range of clients from those working towards photoshoots, helping competitors earn pro-cards, some of the most successful business owners and many others simply aspiring to achieve the physique that had eluded them or improve aspects of their health through the correct nutritional approach.

Featured in Men's Health magazine and more as well as mentoring other coaches, this podcast is Adams chance to give back by serving his passion to improve lives and to share knowledge from what has been his obsession for 15 years in the fitness industry!