Risk, recovery, and remaining true to yourself with Andy Smith

Episode 6,  Feb 22, 12:01 AM

As Executive Director of NCM Auctions, Founder TwoBeans Ltd, Co-Founder of Smithtons, and advisor to multiple businesses, Andy Smith boasts an illustrious and impressive career. However, his life changed forever when at age 15, what he initially believed to be a bad case of food poisoning turned out to be a life-altering illness - Ulcerative Colitis. While his recovery would involve relearning how to walk, cough, and live his day-to-day life, it also completely transformed his attitude to risk, taught him to seize the moment, and lead him to progress from Deputy Bar Manager for Sheffield United FC to a board member for a company listed on the stock exchange. Andy talks to us about his diagnosis, personal loss and managing PTSD, and understanding the need to place health and wellbeing ahead of your career.