You're Fired

Season 13, Episode 4,   Feb 26, 2022, 05:30 PM

Welcome Back to Blue Moon Vibes! The podcast that makes you laugh a lil' bit, cry a lil' bit, and think a lil' bit! My goal is to be the one that gives you more than you asked! I hope you can find value in these topics, and they become something that you talk amongst your friends and family about! Don't shy away from challenging issues because that is where growth happens! The change you want to see is the change you must create! We are worthy, we are tenacious, we are strong, and we are purposeful! The only way to erase the divide is to unite as a nation and treat each other as people, with respect and courtesy!

You're Fired
It's Series 13 Episode 4

Welcome back to day 26 of Black History Month; before we get into the day's discussion, I want to share with yall a video I saw on Instagram; this video was re-posted by mrshenry1115. This fact I did not realize until I read the comments. The video was of a white baby girl dressed in what appeared to be a christening ensemble, and a man who I presume to be her father was recording. In the video, the man recording says, in a way I can only imagine was intended to be comical-mark missed-" Get that Fu%$*%g stupid s%*t of my daughter, She looks like she's ready for a Fu%$&*g Harriet Tubman meeting." Now, when I saw this, I knew due to the current climate of the world and the degree to which people are capable of defending; the comments were going to be a mix of emotions, sentiments, and statements: 

"I cackled so loud."

"I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at this."

"You might want to delete this, not a good look for you or the fact that it's black history month and you have a man using Harriet Tubman in a negative tone. Are you serious with this"

"Well...looks like we are divided on this one. Was it just a joke about the dress being outdated, or did the dress remind him (the dad) of what he believed runaway slaves wore and thought it was ugly? Either way seems like an odd thing to say to describe a child in what looks like a christening gown." 

Y'all let me know in the comments your thoughts. This is the video.

In today's show, we continue our discussion on fear and its relation to the idea of danger, real and perceived. Lady dee says that the world hasn't necessarily gotten more dangerous; the people have gotten less fearful, therefore creating and exacerbating the idea of crime. We then abruptly shift gears to lighten the mood to talk about if you have ever been fired. As you will hear, Lady Dee and PBid have not been fired, now Jazz, on the other hand...Just listen, that's all! 

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