Ep. 2: Old Wounds Run Deep

Feb 28, 2022, 08:00 AM

On their way to Clovenheart, the agents are confronted with a strange hostage situation on what should have been a pleasant train ride! Vellum enacts an ingenious plan and a questionable one; Spar sees a surprising familiar face! On top of that, they learn that has-been pop sensation Sekitan may be unexpectedly tied into their adventure...

Ila Alexei is Agent Kaolin Vellum and our artist
Essay Mnktl is Agent Merim Felspar and our editor
Jordan Quiverns is everyone else and our GM

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The People, Places, and Things of Three of Hearts!

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Our music was provided by Louie Zong.
Intro -  Dogtective; Midtro -  At Last, a Piano; Outro - Ghost + Guest.