SuperShow 111: Is Fallout "New Vegas 2" Actually On The Horizon?

Episode 111,   Feb 25, 2022, 10:00 PM

Elden Ring might be in the hands of Tarnished around the world, but we've still got a week's worth of gaming news to break down!

This week we discussed a seismic scoop courtesy of Activision, as reports have begun to suggest that Call of Duty might go a year without a mainline series entry for the first time in almost two decades! We broke down what it could mean for the gargantuan franchise, and it's hit free-to-play mode, Warzone.

Elsewhere, we shared our initial thoughts on Street Fighter 6's extremely sweaty reveal, investigated whether or not the next Dragon Age could be right around the corner, and made some predictions about the latest rumours around Fallout, with Microsoft potentially eyeing a New Vegas 2 in the future. Enjoy!