Episode 57: The 2022 Olympics Part 1: SCREAMING INTO THE VOID!

Episode 58,   Feb 26, 2022, 05:51 PM

Welcome to the official Ice Tea Pod Airing of Olympic Grievances, with Meghan and Neda. Our hosts attempt to sift through the mountains of gnarly news and discourse surrounding the 2022 Beijing Olympics and get all our Hot Takes and (UN?)popular opinions out of the way before the forthcoming Part 2, where we will focus on the beautiful lovely skating that got overshadowed.

CW: Child abuse, Drugs, The Russian Doping Scandal, Weight/Eating Disorders, Homophobia, Racism...

Honestly if this episode sounds like no fun to you, feel free to skip it! But if you want to scream into the void with us for catharsis, welcome, we have saved you a spot at the edge of the abyss!

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“Slappy Theme Song” by Meghan Kelleher