Roll The Dice With D&D Episode #3

Feb 27, 2022, 10:25 PM

This episode of DnD is dedicated to our friend and record collector's record collector: Dallas Good. He was a peer and a hero, that will never be forgotten. RIP Dallas. Love Forever.

Please, head over to and grab some of the amazing music Dallas made... or a shirt or a "herb" grinder or something else. 

Here is the audio version of the latest episode of Damian & Danko's new Youtube show (watch it here)! New episodes twice monthly.

What happens when two lead singers get stuck at home with nothing to do but sort their (extensive) record collections? START A YOUTUBE SHOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE! Join Danko Jones & Damian Abraham as they inform each other about some of the more wild, weird and wacky albums lurking in the recesses of their vinyl shelves!