Making A Difference: Balanced by Avery with Avery Williams

Mar 02, 03:00 AM

For the past couple of years, 16-year-old Avery Williams has been on a difficult journey.
At an early age, we begin comparing ourselves to others and noticing our flaws and inadequacies. As a young person, I was self-conscious and felt inadequate. I compared myself to others and never did “measure up.” Personally, as a young person, it led me down a path of loneliness, depression, and thoughts of taking my own life. Avery had the same thoughts and feelings and it led her down a dangerous path as well.
On Tonight’s show, Avery and I will have an open and honest conversation about body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Avery has been through the “fire” and is now on fire to help others through her effort called, “Balanced by Avery!”
You don’t know who this show may help, so please share this show with others. It could save the life of someone you love!