Why A Premier League Giant Are Favourites For Relegation

Episode 158,   Mar 03, 2022, 12:00 AM

Patrick van Straaten is this week joined by Chris Hamill to take a look at the mess that is the Premier League relegation battle. At the time of recording, there were five teams who were nervously looking over their shoulder as well as the three currently occupying the drop zone, although Leicester City’s win over Burnley on Tuesday proves they were never in danger. The pair condemn Norwich City and Watford to the Championship for next campaign, but who will join them? Newcastle United are the only in-form side in the bottom half, so they should be safe, right? Brentford are sliding and sliding, whilst Leeds United can’t stop anyone scoring against them - they’re on pace for 90 goals conceded this season. Burnley always seem to pull something out the bag, and Everton…well, Frank Lampard’s side couldn’t actually get relegated, could they? It’s an actual possibility. Enjoy!