T3: Ari Saul, HR and Management Consultant for Aicadium

Episode 3,   Mar 03, 2022, 04:00 PM

Now Hiring at Aicadium! Kevin and Christy talk to Ari Saul, HR consultant and manager for Aicadium about what makes working there so great.

Aicadium is Hiring!

Remote work is on the rise, compassionate management styles are on the rise and Ari Saul wants you to come work for Aicadium (not actually go anywhere), because, with Aicadium, you can work from almost anywhere in the world. 

Aicadium is a global technology company dedicated to creating and scaling AI solutions by leveraging deep expertise and a common machine learning platform. Through meaningful engagement and collaboration, they partner with companies to build and operationalize impactful end-to-end AI solutions across a wide variety of industries and use cases.

If this sounds like your kind of organization- Visit About - Aicadium to find out if your next job will be at Aicadium. 

Producers for T3: Talking Tech Talent are Kevin Carroll and Sara Spiva. 

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