Monday, March 7: Chaz's Monkey Encounter; Someone On The Show Won The Lottery; Why Gas Prices Are So High Now

Mar 07, 05:01 PM

Chaz and AJ are back from vacation! During the week off, Chaz spent some time at the Beardsley Zoo and had an encounter with one of the monkeys. (0:00)

Finally, someone on the show has won the lottery! Not a jackpot, but a pretty nice chunk of change. (7:47)

Chaz and AJ discussed a way to help the Ukranian refugees, with the collection event hosted by WFSB Channel 3. Myron Kolinsky is the Connecticut representative for the United Ukranian American Relief Committee, and was on to explain the things needed, and how quickly they can get into the hands of the Ukranian civilians in needs. (15:32)

Michael J. Fox from GASDA was on to talk about the high gas prices. Specifically, why they are so high, and why they seem to go up by the hour. (30:42)

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik was on to announce a brand new concert coming to the state this summer, Lynyrd Skynyrd! Tickets will go on sale Friday, but there is a radio pre-sale - the password for that pre-sale has since changed to "BIRD." (40:19)