The Diversity Advisory Group podcast: Celebrating our female leaders:

Season 4, Episode 1,  Mar 08, 2022, 08:34 AM

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Rosalind Rossouw enjoyed a conversation with Louise Pryor (the President of the IFoA), Marjorie Ngwenya (a past President of the IFoA) and Lucy Saye (the Deputy Chair of the IFoA’s Sustainability Board).

This podcast discusses the opportunities and challenges facing female actuaries and women who are on the path to becoming an actuary. Louise, Marjorie and Lucy share their personal experiences and views. The discussion points include both female-specific and gender-neutral pearls of wisdom and inspiration. 

Intro & Production: Rosalind Rossouw
Original music score written and performed by: Rosalind Rossouw
Guests: Louise Pryor, Marjorie Ngwenya & Lucy Saye