Tuesday March 8, 2022: Clothes You Never Wear; Raven’s Interference; Unwritten Concert Rules

Mar 08, 02:24 PM

Anna hasn’t updated her resume in almost a decade, so she was surprised when her husband showed her a fascinating new trend that young people are doing with their resumes…  (:30)

Have you ever watched a documentary that changed your life?  One of Anna’s best friends saw a documentary that affected her so profoundly that she swore off meat forever!  (3:26)

It’s International Women’s Day and if you’re the type of person who’s trying to make jokes about it, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:58)

Do you have a bunch of clothes at your house that you never wear?  Anna couldn’t believe how much the average person spends on clothes that they never even wear once!  (10:32)

Gas prices are at an all time high, but is there anything you can actually do about it?  Yes!  Anna and Raven found an article that has some great tips on how to save on gas!  (17:58)

Was Raven out of line?  Raven interjected himself into a conversation between two friends of his when he saw that the conversation was turning romantic.  But when you hear the reason why, you might be on his side!  (21:34)

What are the unwritten rules of concerts?  New global guidelines have been issued to limit the decibel level at concerts, but Anna isn’t sure it’s actually gonna work!  (27:06)

Brad and Melissa are engaged. Their photographer has an "add on" to their package. For $400 additional, he will photoshop their wedding photos. Melissa says it's money well spent to have even more beautiful photos; Brad says it's a waste. They look how they look, why would they want anyone altering them to make their teeth whiter or themselves thinner? Whose side are you on? (34:13)

Kirsten has got a shot at $2500!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (42:17)