Fibre analysis and Operation Airlines

Season 3, Episode 6,   Mar 16, 2022, 06:23 AM

In 1996 the IRA were planning a major bombing campaign. Their targets were the electrical substations around Greater London. Had they been successful it would have crippled the electricity supply of south-east England. Fortunately, the police launched Operation Airlines, a covert investigation to foil the campaign and gather evidence to prosecute those planning it.  
Forensic fibres expert Dr Ann Priston joins Lynda and Cass to discuss her memories of analysing the evidence that linked the prime suspects to the bombs they had built. 

Dr Priston is currently working with the charity Inside Justice, investigating alleged miscarriages of justice. You can learn more about their work here: 

Lynda's new novel Vanished is out on March 31st 2022 in hardback, ebook and audiobook. 

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