Thursday, March 10: The Gadget Guy; Behind The Scenes Stories From Movie Sets; The East Haven PD Has Gone Viral

Mar 10, 05:34 PM

Steve Greenberg "The Gadget Guy" was on to talk about the future of tech, which he thinks will revolve around personal health monitoring systems. Plus, the potential of "Star Wars" inspired 3D images is closer to reality than ever. (0:00)

Greg White shared stories from his career working in movies, including a lot of behind the scene details from his time on the set of "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York." (15:52)

Captain Joe Murgo with the East Haven Police Dept. has gone viral, a 30-second video of him dancing has now been viewed over a million times. (26:36)

For the first time in public, Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik revealed how his Rock amd Roll Hall of Fame ballot will look when he sends it in. He's a voting member of the hall, and is only allowed to select a maximum of five from the seventeen nominees. (39:51)

Image Credit: EvgeniyShkolenko / iStock / Getty Images Plus