Vampyre Makeover with Rachel Clinesmith and Lilian Sin

Episode 196,  Mar 13, 10:54 AM

Rachel Clinesmith, Lilian Sin, Vampyre Cosmetics, makeup, makeover, goth, vampire, vampyre, horror

Rachel Clinesmith the creator and owner of Vampyre Cosmetics and Alchemy Mythosis Cosmetics made over model/actress/sideshow performer Lilian Sin and cohost Nicole for a very gothy show

Rachel talked about her passion of makeup starting with growing up and being inspired in New Orleans leading to her being a Mary Kay rep as a teenage girl and being instrumental in spreading the goth look in Kansas to learning how to make her own cosmetics which has led to both vampire and literary makeup lines

Lilian is now a rep for Vampyre Cosmetics as well as an in demand actress starring in such upcoming movies as From Dusk Til Bong, Amityville BIgfoot, Amityville Karen, and a Soil video. She shockingly never put on makeup unti her mid 20s, but is more than making up for lost time. She also discussed working with Andy Dick who is more respectful to her than a lot of once famous people in Hollywood.

After the makeover, everyone discussed the worst pickup lines they ever got. These are hilariously bad....

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