Monday, March 14: Rampaging Camels; Unfriendly Neighbors; John Oates Calls In

Mar 14, 2022, 03:49 PM

Two men were killed by a rampaging camel in Tennessee. Chaz and AJ were really struck by the odd details of the story, so they called Rob Heering from "One Hump Farm" in Connecticut to explain how dangerous a rampaging camel can be. (0:00)

It seems to be a common thing, unfortunately, that people have problems with their neighbors. The Tribe had plenty of stories to call in about their not-so-friendly neighbors, including a man that loved to paint his house in a thong. (13:19)

Chaz, AJ and Ashley were all in New Haven yesterday for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Ian Cunningham spent that time at the local bars, interviewing people who seemed to be really enjoying celebrating. (19:56)

John Oates, from Hall & Oates, was on to talk about his upcoming show to the Ridgefield Playhouse and share some stories about his career writing music. Plus, why he didn't like playing the accordion. (39:17)

Image Credit: Marrfa / iStock / Getty Images Plus