Tuesday, March 15: CT Real Estate; Gianni Russo's "Godfather" Stories; Helping Bubba

Mar 15, 2022, 06:16 PM

Dr. Tammy was on with Chaz and AJ to try a little word association exercise. Once AJ understood how it was going to work, Dr. Tammy seemed to be impressed with what his answers say about him. (0:00)

Jonathan Carbutti was on to talk about the real estate market, STILL super hot in Connecticut. He also had some advice for sellers, including why you should not spend any money on big home improvement projects before putting your house on the market. (17:18)

Gianni Russo was on to talk about the 50th anniversary of "The Godfather," and how he was able to make some money on set while the film was shooting. Plus, the mooning contest that took place between most of the movie's biggest stars. (32:06)

Matt Roberts was on to talk about Bubba. Bubba recently had a horrific accident while snowmobiling in Vermont, and that's just the beginning of some of the troubles in his life. There is a GoFundMe page to help Bubba. (40:14)

Image Credit: REUTERS