#214: The Government Hates Your Guts

Mar 23, 2022, 04:00 AM

Your Government has no intention of having an honest conversation with you about the effectiveness of the COVID measures, the amount of money they are giving to your sworn enemies, or whether or not we need to actually be starting World War 3 in a country that 96% of Americans couldn’t find on a map.

When they aren’t busy hyperinflating the currency or arresting peaceful protestors, they can be found gaslighting the public through their soulless, high paid, spokespeople or their partners in the corporate propaganda press, with stories that are so stupid and nonsensical that you feel insulted that they had the audacity to try and pass them off as news.

The bad news is that none of this is going to be stopping anytime soon, and the made-up stories are only going to continue to get worse as the talented people leave and they are left with only morons to manage the crumbling narratives being held together by a scaffolding of lies.

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