Creation stories 4: Metaverse malfunctions make for a great credit-card ad

Episode 4,  Mar 18, 2022, 03:24 AM

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Financial services doesn’t often prove to be a highly creative playground for agencies. But of course in Thailand, the normal rules don’t always apply.

In this episode of Creation Stories, host Richard Bleasdale talks with Krungsi First Choice (a brand under Ayudhya Capital Services) and its agency partner Leo Burnett Thailand, about their partnership journey to create ‘Metaverrrrrrr’, one of the funniest, most topical and distinctive financial-services campaigns we have seen in a while.

Krungsi First Choice faced a real challenge to grow engagement with a younger audience. Leo Burnett’s answer: Why don’t we try and create a commercial in the Metaverse?

The creation story which follows is a fascinating case-study of a smart and brave client team, which knows its has a real marketing challenge and is prepared to truly partner with its agency—and buy into the agency's advice and expertise. Working together with real trust at every stage of the process, right down to the tiny details of production and launch, the duo delivered a campaign which is truly distinctive and memorable. And one which is already paying real dividends with the brand's target consumers.

Richard's guests on this episode are:

From Ayudhya Capital Services (Krungsi First Choice):

  • Pathatai Kulachan, EVP managing director
  • Athip Sinpagekan, EVP head of marketing
From Leo Burnett:

  • Praewpakorn Chumsaina Ayudhaya, strategic planner
  • Sarut Yungcharoen, creative director