Friday, March 18: Lisa Lampanelli's Viral Meltdown On TikTok; This Week's Flubbles; Craziest Things The Tribe Has Seen In Public

Mar 18, 03:50 PM

Shortly before the news segment began, Chaz and AJ received a text message with a video link to an absolute meltdown by Lisa Lampanelli. While waiting for Phil to add beep tones, Chaz and AJ were trying to figure out what happened to make her so mad, only to realize the video was almost 5 years old. (0:00)

The Flubble Montage featured all four members of the show this week, with some very memorable quotes. (11:44)

Some girls at a Starbucks were harassed by a man that was following them around, touching himself. This happened in Florida, Chaz and AJ played a news report, and then took some calls from the Tribe about the craziest things they've seen in public. (15:08)

Joe in Essex shared a crazy story about a massive ship that appeared on the water out of nowhere, since it was a dark night and he was unable to pick them up on radar. (37:48)

Boss Keith came in with his Top 5, which was basically a long-form rant about why no one should ever hit "reply all" on any work email. (41:23)