Vanished: Henry Every "All Hail the Pirate King"

Season 2, Episode 14,   Mar 24, 2022, 01:00 AM

When we were last together, we spoke of DB Cooper, and the only unsolved case of air piracy in US history. Tonight, we take piracy to a whole new level. 

In the late 1600’s, in just a two year period, a single man would lead a mutiny aboard a ship named Charles the second, become the captain elect of that ship, and go on to have the most successful pirate career of anyone that ever lived. Like Cooper, he has no beginning. In fact, modern day scholars can’t even agree on when he was born. 

After the most successful raid of his short career, this man would vanish into thin air, leading to the first worldwide manhunt and a trial that would have an absolutely shocking ending. You really gotta hand it to those pirates boy. They don’t stand on ceremony, especially Henry Every. No this guy disappears into the vast oceans with a treasure that today could be worth north of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Legend says that Every became so successful that he lived out his days in a legendary pirate city on Madagascar where the streets were paved in gold, and the riches were so vast, he need never be concerned with money again. 

Others, tell a different story

One thing’s for certain. No one ever found him. Maybe more importantly, no one ever found the treasure. 

The end of season 2 is upon us. 

Finally, it’s time to set sail. This is Vanished: Henry Every.

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