DTO "The Live Show!" Vacation Planning Mistakes, Post Pandemic Purpose, a Teen Slang Test and so much more!

Season 1, Episode 56,  Mar 30, 05:12 PM

In tonight's content packed live audience show (woo hoo!) the dads will have some fun discussing daylight savings, fridge habits, gas prices and more during Tweets Of The Week, then in the Smart Articles by Smart People segment they’ll talk about 6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Family Vacation with your Partner and also break down about an article from the Harvard Business Review called "Redefining Your Purpose in the Wake of the Pandemic"
Also, do you know teen slang? Our parent quiz will test your knowledge ...JOMO? Finna? Cheugy? Thicc and more.
Finally things that make us smile including being back in front of a live studio audience!