Hypnagogia- the borderland to the dreamworld

Episode 3,  Mar 31, 03:20 PM

The sleep-related hallucinations are common in the general population. Often we mix them up with the dreams and do not differentiate them as single states, which they are.  Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic states are different types of intensely visual consciousness conditions. 

Between the crazy reality of our busy human world and the land of dreams, we pass a portal of two states called Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic hallucinations / images / or states. These are the conditions taking place between wakefulness and sleep. Many psychologists and philosophers throughout the 19th century used hypnagogia as a source of creativity. Early references to hypnagogia are to be found even in the writings of Aristotle.

The term Hypnagogia inclues both states: Hypnagogic defines the period when a person falls asleep. 
Hypnopompic describes the period when a person wakes up. Hypnagogia is marked by a high level of both alpha and theta brainwaves.