Friday, April 1: This Week's Flubbles; Sex In Public Tribe Stories; The Chaz And AJ Problem Solvers

Apr 01, 05:51 PM

This week's Flubble Montage featured all four members of the show struggling to find their words, and at least one on-air choking fit. (0:00)

Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe for some personal stories about getting caught having sex in public, after news broke about a police officer who had to leave his job for having this happen while on duty. Right out of the gate, Sue had a story that made national news on the AP wire. (4:45)

The Chaz and AJ Problem Solvers are on the case! Tribe member Mikayla emailed the show recently with an issue regarding her cable company, and a two-year wait for her new house to be connected. Attorney General William Tong was on the phone to share some good news with Mikayla. (13:24)

Comedian Vic DiBitetto wasn't laughing about the Oscars debacle. Chaz and AJ spoke to him about the state of live, standup comedy and why he's proud to not be a "Hollywood" comedian. (25:54)

Boss Keith's Top 5 was really just an excuse this week for him to brag about being right last week, on all five of his Oscars predictions. Plus, he was pretty upset to not get a call Monday morning for his hot takes on the Will Smith slap. (39:16)