Who’ll master Melbourne’s new-look track? Australian GP Preview – with Pedro de la Rosa

Apr 05, 2022, 04:00 AM

New challengers, new corners -a lot has changed since F1 last raced in Australia in 2019. Melbourne’s Albert Park racetrack is faster than before, and Ferrari and Red Bull will be fighting for victory. Tom Clarkson, Damon Hill and special guest Pedro de la Rosa look ahead to the race, debate which team the new high-speed layout will suit best and dive into the driving styles needed to be quick in 2022. Pedro – a veteran of 104 Grand Prix starts and a one-time podium-finisher - explains why he thinks Max Verstappen is racing like a world champion this season, and as a former teammate of Lewis Hamilton he knows exactly how the 7-time champion will cope with Mercedes’ difficult start to 2022. Plus we go for a drive along the Las Vegas strip with F1’s Lawrence Barretto, and tackle your questions in Ask Damon. Record and send your questions to AskDamon@F1.com.

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