Jon Graziano & Noodle the Pug - Bones or No Bones

Episode 9,   Apr 06, 2022, 09:22 AM

Jon Graziano (aka @jongraz) lives in New York City with his pug Noodle - yes, THAT Noodle. Noodle and Jon are massive stars on TikTok, where they went ultra viral for Jon’s Bones or No Bones Day videos, where Noodle’s decision to get out of bed every morning was a forecast for the rest of the World. 

In this episode we learn all about how this started, connect on what it’s like for your pug to be famous, and talk about the ups and downs of social media. 

We also dive deep on: 
- How going viral can physically affect us
- Dealing with rude comments 

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