Wednesday, February 6: Ken Burns Talks About Benjamin Franklin; Debating 2009's Movies; A Hot Air Balloon Makes Dumb Ass News

Apr 06, 2022, 03:23 PM

Ken Burns was on to talk about his latest, big production documentary "Benjamin Franklin." He admits that he learned way more about the man than he expected to during the process, and only realized how truly remarkable he was to the founding of the United States when the project was completed. (0:00)

Movie critic Joe Meyers was on to talk about the movies of 2009. Was it a good year, or bad year for movies? (15:34)

The most expensive house in Connecticut is for sale, so Chaz and AJ turned to Jonathan Carbutti for some clarity on the high asking price. AJ, meanwhile, was in his glory imagining himself living in the home. (24:48)

Dumb Ass News - Once again, a terrifying scene involving a hot-air balloon. Chaz has been saying for years that he'll never, ever go for a ride, and examples like this only help reinforce his decision. (41:26)

Image Credit: GeorgiosArt / iStock / Getty Images Plus