Blue Collar Warrior Series: LinkedIn for Tradespeople

Episode 256,   Apr 07, 2022, 06:00 AM

David Broomhead, Co-Founder and CEO of Trade Hounds, and Jon Stambaugh, AOC Logistics Director, join us for episode 256 of Art of Construction. 

Trade Hounds is built for the hardworking skilled tradespeople building our country and is America's largest professional app for construction. Like a Blue Collar version of LinkedIn, it is a place where the trades can connect, share photos and videos, and have conversations on how to improve themselves and their craft. 

There is no question that social media platforms like LinkedIn are not very well liked by tradespeople, and for good reason. Much of the conversation revolves around fluff and corporate topics that are irrelevant to the life of a tradesperson. David grew up around the trades and saw firsthand how they were being underserved when he once heard his uncle, a painter, yell: "What the F!@# is LinkedIn?" 

Join Devon, Jon and David as they discuss the origin story of the Trade Hounds, why it is so important for tradespeople to have a digital home where they can come together, and what can be done to address the labor shortage and lack of skilled workers needed to keep society growing and thriving.