ARI - Veterans for Political Innovation - State’s Attorney’s Violence Eradication and Disruption (SAVED)

Apr 10, 12:15 PM

We're welcoming back ARI - working with around 100 disabled individuals through several programs in lower Fairfield County helping them learn and grow in order to achieve a higher level of independence - and inviting you to get involved supporting their 70th Anniversary Ball, an upcoming golf tournament and the April 24 ARI Walk for Independence.

Then, meet a local representatives of Veterans for Political Innovation a nonprofit with a mission to mobilize veterans and supporters to advocate for election innovations to make our political system less toxic and more competitive. 

And we'll close helping to unveil SAVED - the State’s Attorney’s Violence Eradication and Disruption (SAVED) program - a forward looking prevention focused program to identify and serve youth impacted by violence in their communities with a trauma informed, treatment focused approach.