Friday, April 8: Scot Haney; Comedian Jim Breuer; This Week's Flubbles

Apr 08, 02:37 PM

Chaz and AJ were going to let Scot Haney answer wedding questions for anyone about to get married. Ashley, predictably stole the entire segment for her own questions. (0:00)

Comedian Mitch Stinson was in studio, and had a ton of stories about his time as an air-craft carrier aviator. He was in flight school right as Top Gun was first released, and everyone got a big lecture about "buzzing the tower." (5:30)

SNL alum Jim Breuer tore a calf muscle on stage recently, but is still performing standup this weekend in Connecticut. He had a lot of thoughts about the infamous Oscars slap, and it went way, way deeper than "it was staged for ratings." (28:58)

A Tribe member was featured prominently this week for his multiple failures in one segment. (46:34)