Top 50 In The World: Golden Tee Golf Gamer Steve Puff {Ep 58}

Episode 58,  Apr 20, 2022, 03:00 PM

Listen to a fun and informative chat on all things Golden Tee Golf with Steven Puff, a Top 50 in the world gamer from the Valley! Hear his story on he got into playing this golf arcade game that has become a part of bar room pop culture since 1989. Find out about the close-knit community that has a lot of FUN meeting up for tournaments and online. Discover what the tournament atmosphere is like and how they work. Learn some Golden Tee Golf Gamer terminology that describes how the players play the game. Hear the ins and outs of what practice looks like for top players, the cost to play and prize money available. Find out how the payouts work and more about how some people play this game for a living! Hear about the exciting new Golden Tee PGA Tour arcade machines that are being integrated now. Learn more ways you can win money at this game with the ‘Calcutta’ where you can buy a player in the tournament like Fantasy Football. Find out about the home arcade games available and the difference between them and the commercial units. Listen to how you can connect to players in the community like Steve to meet and learn from other players and play the game and more! Golden Tee is Be sure to check out the Golden Tee website listed in the show notes to get more information and check out the tournaments online and in person. Cheers! 

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