Activating Enterprise Bank Holiday Special

Season 1, Episode 1205,   Apr 18, 2022, 02:00 PM

Over the last months, you've heard us share stories from visually impaired entrepreneurs. From talent managers, IT specialists, disability consultants, public speakers, to those working within the creative industries. They've all shared their employment journeys with us on RNIB Connect Radio.

On this Special episode of Activating Enterprise, we will, once again hear from 
public speaker and ex adventurer, Mark Pollock as well as artist, composer and jazz singer, Emilie Conway.

But we also have a special treat for you as Royal Navy veteran and Holman Prize Winner, Penny Melville-Brown joins us for an in-depth conversation about self-employment and to share some tips for getting back to work after a long break.   

If you would like to share your own employment journey, the challenges, the successes and everything in between, get in touch. Email:

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