Into The Bolly-Woods: Netflix's Aranyak Spoiler Review

Episode 65,   Apr 18, 2022, 01:00 PM

Film & TV critic Shah Shahid reviews one of the most interesting series of 2021, the Netflix original Indian series, Aranyak. 

Headline: Into The Woods: Netflix’s Aranyak Spoiler Review

Host Shah Shahid focuses on one of 2021’s best original series, Aranyak. The original Indian series is all about a whodunnit-style thriller involving a murder in a small town. Shah breaks down the story, its depiction and just why he considered Aranyak to be one of the best new series of 2021. Find out in this episode of the Split Screen Podcast. 


🐅 Is Aranyak based on a book or an original idea?
🐅 The story of Aranyak takes the audience down some interesting avenues. 
🐅 Does the show do too much, are all the subplots perfectly balanced? 
🐅 How does Raveena Tandon do leading her own Netflix series? 
🐅 Shah’s Spoiler section discusses the season’s incredibly mind-blowing ending. 


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