Wednesday, April 20: 4/20 with Joe the Weed Guy, Hostage Negotiation, Henry Winkler

Apr 20, 05:28 PM

Joe LaChance "The Weed Guy" has his first 4/20 tokes live on the air, and then aces a quiz on some basic 5th grade questions. (0:00) 

Pat Daly, a crisis negotiation team coordinator for the FBI in New Haven was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to talk about the process of negotiating in the middle of an incident. There's a lot of patience involved. (15:55)

Henry Winkler called in to talk about the new season of "Barry" coming to HBO. If you've never heard about the show, he offered a helpful a pitch about the basic premise to get you interested. (33:11) 

Can you find the dumbass? A man inhaled a drill bit while at the dentist, and Chaz and AJ had an entire news report covering the incident. (41:26) 

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni