Season 15, Episode 3,   Apr 23, 2022, 04:30 PM

Welcome Back to Blue Moon Vibes! The podcast that makes you laugh a lil' bit cry a lil' bit, and think a lil' bit! My goal is to be the one that gives you more than you asked! I hope you can find value in these topics, and they become something that you talk amongst your friends and family about! Don't shy away from challenging issues because that is where growth happens! The change you want to see is the change you must create! We are worthy, we are tenacious, we are strong, and we are purposeful! The only way to erase the divide is to unite as a nation and treat each other as people, with respect and courtesy!


It's Series 15, Episode 3

What's up, friends? Welcome back! Diving right into the continuation of our question of who inspired us the most growing up. As you all will hear, no particular person inspired me; more events inspired me. Lady and PBid Dee will share who inspired them and how. Inspiration is funny; we can be inspired by something, people, or circumstances. As we grow and learn, we can take instances in our lives and latch on to them like a leech and use what they taught us to make better decisions and maybe help the next person. PBid wants to inspire himself, and he will share with you how he does so. We then move on to our biggest regrets! What about you all? What has been your biggest regret, and what have you learned from it? Regrets, like inspiration, can be learning experiences. Regrets can also be the inspiration; they can inspire us not to make those mistakes again and motivate us to push harder! This gets a bit deep for us. Lady Dee shares her story and why she regrets the decision she made.

PBid shares why he wishes he hadn't poured so much into hopeless situations. As you will hear on today's show, we all believe that our path is what our path is, and the only person that truly knows is GOD. We can sometimes pour so much into someone until we have nothing left. Be sure that you preserve your peace and protect your mental health because you only have one body. I share with you all my van-life desire and its outcome. I also want you all to know not to let people tell you how to live your life. You only have one life to live, and I don't know about you all, but I don't want to live with regrets. 

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